Empower Your Users with Instant Loans Against Securities

Lark Finserv provides a seamless solution for your app and website to offer instant loans against securities. Our end-to-end integration allows your users to unlock the value of their investments without ever leaving your platform.

Benefits for You

Increased User Engagement

Offer a valuable financial service that keeps users coming back to your app or website.

Improved Conversion Rates

Provide users with a quick and convenient way to access additional funds, potentially leading to more transactions on your platform.

Seamless Integration

Our comprehensive integration ensures a smooth user experience without any technical hassle on your end.

Partner with Lark Finserv and empower your users to unlock the full potential of their investments.

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Who Can Integrate?

Mutual Fund Distributors & Stock Brokers

Offer Value-Added Services: Expand your service portfolio by offering instant loans against your clients' securities, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Wealth Managers

Enhance Client Portfolios: Empower your clients to unlock the liquidity of their investments without selling them, providing greater flexibility in their financial strategies.

Lending Apps & Wealthtech Apps

Seamless Loan Integration: Integrate Lark Finserv's solution for a quick and convenient way to offer loan options to your users, potentially leading to higher user engagement and conversions.

Neo Banks

Become a One-Stop Shop: Provide a comprehensive suite of financial services by offering instant loans against securities alongside your core banking features, attracting and retaining customers.

Insurance Brokers

Bridge Financial Gaps: Help your clients unlock the value of their investments to cover unexpected expenses or bridge gaps in insurance coverage, offering a holistic financial solution.